Activity Packs

More than a gathering place, the Calega Club aims to be an active and dynamic space, able to involve its members and visitants in the
culture and tradition of olive and olive oil.

Guided tours to the tradition Galega olive grove and to the olive oil press, story telling
sessions, artistic and gastronomic  challenges, and games associated with olive oil are some of the activities that are part of a list in


Keep up with new developments!



Get involved with the culture and tradition of the Galega olive, in a visit by land, air or water. Follow us through the olive cycle, visit the olive groves, from the most traditional to the most innovative, which reflect new production techniques. Continue, walk through the olive oil production phases: inhale the olive harvest, breathe the pure air, feel the freshness in your hands, the weight, the shape, stain them with olive taste. More so, dive in the cooperative’s olive processing, an indescribable perfume lingers in the air. Maybe you’ll have the possibility to see the bottle, the one you will want to take with you, to be filled, more, completed with a real relic, our olive oil, Relíquia da Vidigueira.



Break the inertia that, sometimes, interferes with your weekend. Take the kids, or the grownups, get ready, not only biscuits are made with olive oil. Discover which olive oil is best for traditional dishes like sopa de cação (fish soup), hunting dishes and its garnish. Or, simply, indulge, dip in olive oil the characteristic bread from Alentejo. Stay the night, there are still São Cucufate’s ruins to explore, the local handicraft and the museum to visit. Slide through the tradition of the Galega olive and its surroundings.



To preserve what is Portuguese… A challenging compromise. Having the Galega olive as background will provide us with endless discussion. Several sessions will be organized, we invite you to attend, discuss, and share your opinions. From more technical subjects involving specialized entities on the analysis and debate of relevant themes in the context of olive oil culture, to the sector’s and the producer’s main concerns and needs, and also on an approach to the themes closer to each consumer. Participate, challenge us, suggest a theme you would like to discuss.



Because one plus one may not be two. Associative spirit teaches us, together we will be better. Participate and get to know who else is Born in Alentejo… Besides our Relíquia da Vidigueira, our Galega Olive Singled Varietal. Olive tea, olive oil chocolates, olive oil toasts and many other products. Creams, soaps, thermic pillows with olive core. You’ll be surprised with olive and olive oil’s versatility.



Is it not art that immortalizes a nation? It takes several forms, depending on our and your vision. Stories, tales, anecdotes, flags of our region, bringing laughter is, for us, already taken for granted, we want more. Written olive, photographed olive oil, drawn olive grove, be an active, creative voice in the preservation of what is ours.