Clube Galega

1957 - The Beginning
It is in 1957 that, in the Alentejo Interior, a group of 23 producers, mobilized by the same desire, valuing the Olive Oil thereof, join in the formation of what is now the Cooperativa Agricola de Vidigueira (CAV).
1978 - Implementation of a new production line;
1994 - Creation Branding "Reliquia da Vidigueira"
1997 - Modernization of Olive Oil Mill
Implementation of ecological solid extraction system of two phases;
2002 - Bet on Quality Control / Certification
The Extra Virgin Olive qualified as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) olive Alentejo Interior is duly certified by the competent authority that ensure their authenticity and compliance with Tender Specification Alentejo Olive Interior allows placing the seal on its label.
The Alentejo Interior Oil is obtained by processing olives rich and essentially sound varieties Galega Vulgar, Cordovil Serpa and / or cobrançosa, giving rise to an oil of golden color and fruity olive, fig and apple too smooth, giving a unique feeling of sweet and genuine.

CAV bet clearly in the production of quality olive oil, either through the creation of integrated pest management section, which aims to improve the quality of the olives by improving the sanitary condition of the groves, or by implementing the system of self HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical control Points), which allows control of the quality of the oil covering the entire production line.


  2004 - Recognition of Quality Olive Oil "Reliquia da Vidigueira"
  • FNO Campo Maior 1988 - Silver Medal contest Extra Virgin Olive Oil;
  • FNO Campo Maior 1992 - Bronze medal contest Extra Virgin Olive Oil;
  • FNO Olivomoura 2004 - Silver Medal competition PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil;
  • Agricultural Fair Santarem 2007 - Bronze medal contest Packaging;
  • Agricultural Fair Santarem 2008 - Gold Medal contest Packaging
  • National Contest of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Packaging
  • Gold Medal in Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP
  • Silver Medal in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2005 - Launch of new brand image "Reliquia da Vidigueira"
Launch of new brand image for olive oil "Reliquia da Vidigueira, in the context of the Business Plan & Marketing for CAV: 2005/2008 submitted to the shareholders of CAV in December 2005. The Plan also covers the definition of the new corporate identity and the redefinition of the role model of sales and marketing of CAV.
2007 - Launch of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Olive Galega varietal
As the 3L bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Protected Designation of Origin and can of 200ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
2008 - Implementation of new production line
Shaft significantly decrease the waiting time for the processing of raw materials and, consequently, loss of quality of oil which was associated with earlier processes.
2008 - Launch White wine vinegar.