Clube Galega

Extra Virgin Varietal Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive OilOlive Galega varietal is the expression of a rare and unique product. Fruity soft ripe olives and / or green presents itself as a thick oil with apple and almond nunaces, providing a unique feeling of sweet, characteristic of the variety Galega.

A variety of unique organoleptic sensation, this nectar becomes suitable for wet bread and prepare delicacies, where the major objective is to highlight the most of the flavor of food.
Our best offer ...

The olive variety Galega, unique in the world, symbolizes the imaginary quality of olive oil lovers: an ancient variety that contains a misticidade organoleptic own products of excellence.

This is the Galega oil contribution of CAV and its producers for the preservation of a variety of olives whose tradition is lost in memory of time in Portugal, and perhaps at risk, thereby evoking the social and environmental responsibility in the context of this cooperative olive oil regionally and nationally.
It is through the gathering of all these attributes, sensory and historical Olive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Galega varietal, is presented as our best offer, our gourmet product.