Clube Galega

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Because dawns...
It's early, break the first rays of light that  heat cool dew of the olive.

Exceptional quality, fruity and sweet, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Reliquia da  Vidigueia" results  from the harmonious  combination of  different varieties of olives. Shows good complexity of flavor and a balance of bitter, spicy and sweet, that gives you excellent harmony.

The harmonious balance of attributes, gives it elegance to salads, "açordas", "gaspachos", sweets and other delicacies.
200ml tin
As part of the history of the marketing of olive oil  in Portugal, can that presents itself, introduced into our product portfolio in the past year of 2007, aims to be a representative element of Portuguese culture, ultimately working as a product revival that revives the memory of few and arouses the curiosity of others.